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EMS Forward

MISSION: Reducing preventable harm

Why EMS Chooses EMS Forward

Resources for EMS, Fire, and Air Medical to Assess, Measure and Improve

The CPS was the first organization to engage Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in learning opportunities and strong patient safety practices. With custom programs and simplified implementation, EMS and pre-hospital care settings choose CPS to enhance and improve their existing programs on the journey to highly reliable care.

For more than a decade, CPS has been working with Emergency Medical Services to reduce preventable harm by bridging the gap between healthcare provider groups and expanding patient safety programs. CPS has a unique ability to include safety culture work into various programs and can mine its contacts and vast safety event data for supportive information.

EMS Forward offers unique programs that fit your current needs and minimize program implementation time, so you can reach your goals more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Together we can move EMSForward.
EMSForward 360 is part of an ongoing campaign to develop awareness, understanding and action to improve your organization's safety culture. The 12 topics presented in this booklet are based on a tool used to measure patient safety culture in EMS. Discuss the questions around each topic to better appreciate how culture impacts your organization. 
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Every organization is in a different place on its journey to safer care and higher reliability.
Choose the best starting place for you, or let our experts help find the most appropriate path.

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The change journey begins with culture

A safety culture assessment is useful for identifying organizational conditions that can lead to adverse events and patient harm. Additionally, assessments can successfully identify the greatest cultural assets of an organization.

Developed collaboratively between the Center for Patient Safety (CPS) and the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT), the Patient Safety Culture Survey is designed specifically for EMS. 

CPS's assessment solution is scalable and flexible to handle every organization, no matter type or size, and provides unparalleled administration and follow-up experience for its culture surveys.

Make just culture a reality

Just Culture provides a framework and a vocabulary to support improvement efforts that accurately address both the systemic and individual issues within an organization. 

CPS believes that just, or accountable, culture work is one of the best ways to provide the support staff need to feel comfortable and confident to report issues and create change. 

With CPS, you'll receive expert trainers and consultants who will develop a custom program for your organization.

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Protect safety and quality improvement work

As your culture continues to improve and your organization becomes more focused on accountability and learning opportunities, it's time to protect your quality and patient safety work with a Patient Safety Organization (PSO). PSO federal protections are intentionally different from most regulatory and mandatory reporting programs and define the framework for shared learning with other organizations and organization types. 

CPS's PSO program is scalable to fit your organization’s unique needs. Our expert team members will guide you through every step.   

Create a healing environment for clinicians

While we often focus on the impact on the patient and patient's family following an adverse event, the care of our paramedicine team following an event is equally important. The emotional aftershock (or stress reaction) following an intense or unexpected event can be difficult. Peer support programs are designed to help employees cope with daily challenges.

CPS's peer support program for first responders provides options for creating a custom program at your organization. 

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